Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Our Local Missions team works to fight injustice and poverty in our community. They help mobilize Sunrise to live out our Compassion value and create opportunities to care for those in need in our own community.

For our Global Missions team, we believe God has called us to focus our energy and resources in two areas around the globe: Niger and India. While everyone on the planet has an undeniable need for the transformational love of Christ, these two areas are places where Sunrise has the unique opportunity to help people hear about Jesus and experience His love in real, tangible ways.

Our Global Missions Partners

Christ for India

Remember Niger

This organization was founded in 1976 in the state of Kerala by Rev. R Abraham and Rev. V A Thampy. A ministry that began in the primitive areas of Kerala has spread its wings to the lengths and breaths of the nation. Today the ministry spreads its work over 26 states of India with 4550 full-time churches. Their endeavor is to bring the good news of Jesus and spread the love of God to many in India. We work to financially and relationally support the work of Christ for India. To learn more about Christ for India, visit their website. 
The country of Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. We have a team working to bring hope to Niger. This team meets monthly and is dedicated to informing our community about Niger and its needs, inspiring passion and a heart for Niger, identifying and providing practical ways for people to get involved both globally and locally, and influencing people to live a missional lifestyle. To learn more about Remember Niger, visit their website.

Our Local Mission Partners

Love Your Neighbor

Rather than duplicate what is already being done, we have chosen to partner with Love One Another, our local mission agency, which works with area churches and offers programs to help meet the many and varied needs of the community.  To learn more about Love Your Neighbor, visit their website.

Responsive Missions

Recognizing that we cannot forecast every opportunity to financially invest in missional opportunities, we designate a portion of our missions budget to meet needs as they arise. This gives us the opportunity to dynamically pursue opportunities like helping people flee persecution, securing housing, or providing material relief. For more information about how we are investing our responsive missions’ dollars, reach out to a Sunrise elder or director